梯度下降 之 优化算法(上)

date_range 13/09/2018 15:02


How Tensorboard Smooth

date_range 08/06/2018 00:47

Currently, I find if I use a smooth window then I’ll get a better result than tensorflow smooth function. So I deep into the smooth function of tensorboard.

Machine Learning Methods For Solving Assignment Problems In Multiple Traget Tracking

date_range 01/06/2018 02:02

Data association and track-to-track association, two fundamental problems in single-sensor and multi-sensor multi-target tracking, are instances of an NP-hard combination optimization problem known as the multidimensional assignment problem (MDAP).

Binary Quaratic Programming For Online Tracking Of Hundreds Of People In Extremely Crowed Scene

date_range 28/05/2018 02:32

paper is availabe at here

Multiobjects Tracking By Submodular Optimization

date_range 26/05/2018 14:38

The paper is available here