Binary Quaratic Programming For Online Tracking Of Hundreds Of People In Extremely Crowed Scene

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Before that, we should understand the Quaratic Programming (QP). The QP has a quaratic objective function and linear constraints. Its solver in matlab (a function called quadprog) uses the formulation shown below.

where .

is the number of decision variable, is the number of equality constraints, is the nubmer of inequality constrains.

Lots of function :(. It’s simple to understand. We just remember two keys: 1) the objective function is quaratic, 2) the constraints of objective function is linear.

We introduce an example of problem.

A manufactureer has done empirical modeling of their production system and has determined that their production cost is determined by the equation:

where and are the decision variable, in this case, the rate at which they should run Unit1 and Unit 2 respectively. Find the optimal combination of and that minimizes the cost.

3D graph of cost function